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Dusha-Dushe to Moscow, Russia

Do you agree that Moscow, the capital and barometer of the world’s largest country, i.e. Russia, should be called a city that is irreducible?

Those who went there commented that it is difficult to separate its rich history from its daily role in writing the future, and that Moscow is both dictator and victim of events that provokes such comments. Think only can feel it if we stand in Red Square to feel the difference between those familiar images with the actuality!

The famous and colourful domes of St. Basil in Moscow, Russia

St. Basil's Cathedral at the Red Square, Moscow. You may want to know that it is the glorious celebration of Ivan the Terrible’s victory at Kazan.

Some money saving or useful traveling tips that you might want to take note of:

Migration card and other official documents – make sure it is with you all the time until you leave the country, in case you are stopped by the police or an imposter looking to collect “fines.”

Moscow Kremlin from Bolshoi Kamenny bridge. It is worth much more than a photo opportunity.

Avoid being robbed or mugged – the common sense measures shall include: don’t travel alone at night in unfamiliar areas, keep expensive items out of sight as much as possible, and avoid crowded metro cars where pickpockets may operate and so on.

Moscow's metro stations are resembled palaces or cathedrals. It is fabulous with their marble-clad walls, chandelier lighting, and other precious interior.

Buy and drink vodka – alcohol counterfeiting is common since and as there are hundreds of brands of vodka in Russia. Nevertheless, two of the best that you might want to consider are Flagman and Russky Standart. You might want to know that Vodka is drunk everywhere socially in Moscow, Russia, hence you may want to join in for a round when a Russian taps his throat for dusha-dushe (i.e. for soul to soul, if I am right)!

Arbat, many still said that it is still the repository of Moscow’s quirkiest corners.

Mind your feet – Shoes are very important in Russia, and must always be kept clean regardless of the weather conditions. Always remove your shoes at the entryway when entering a Russian home. In some interesting places such as museums, galleries, palaces, visitors may be asked to put on special shoes, such as plastic booties (similar to the kind surgeons wear)!

Lenin’s Tomb in Red Square. A popular mausoleum because the embalmed body of Lenin has been on public display there since the year he died in 1924, you may want to imagine you are reviewing a parade from the podium!

When is the best time to visit those interesting places? Can be anytime, but April to June and September to November are most comfortable.

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