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International Travel Permission to World's Interesting Places

Do you want to avoid being turn away at the airport or feel frustrated to be deported after your arrival in the concerned country?

If so, one very basic document that you need to look at is your “Travel Visa”. Visa is a formal permission from the concerned authority to allow you to enter a country, as it helps the country to keep track of visitors besides generating revenue from the application fees.

However, we need to take note that some countries do participate in the Visa waiver program, under which a US citizen will be able to enter a country without a Visa, say for a stay of 90 days or less, be it for leisure or business travel purpose.

Usually, we will have to pay a small fee to get it stamp at the airport on arrival or arrange for a Visa in advance of our international travel trip. The fee involved can be ranged from less than $10 to $100 or more.

Most Visas will limit you to a single trip, i.e. the actual dates of your vacation while some Visas allow us to visit as many times as we wish for a specific period of time.

The important thing is always check it out before you travel to your places of interest, as Visa requirements always change! As a traveller, you should always uphold to this travelling tip.

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