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Money Saving Traveling Tips on Hotels to your Places of Interest

Well, a place to stay is inevitable when come to traveling, more so on a long journey to your places of interest. Is there a way to be smarter for spending to stay in a hotel?

Depending on where you go, for instance for visitors to Hawaii, there is a concept called condo Hotel. I believe this is a new concept to many of us; however, you need to seriously consider this if you are visiting Hawaii. You may ask why? Simply because there are more condo hotels than standard hotel and resorts over there and if you want to save some money, you simply can’t afford to miss this. The main thing to keep in mind is that those condo hotels offer several great amenities that you can’t find in standard hotels and resorts, these included items like laundry facilities, kitchens, living rooms, etc.

My friend Rich Choo, someone who likes to travel even told me that he managed to get great deal (as much as 60%) on his hotel room just by using his entertainment book discount. He told me that we have to identify ourselves as an entertainment member and by calling the hotel directly and not through the reservation lines as listed in the entertainment book! So, it is sometimes wise to call directly as reservation may not be aware or simply don't have the time to entertain much!

traveling tips to places of interestAs far as money saving traveling tips on accommodation is concerned, one of the options that are available is to look into rentals and home exchanges. Usually rental properties including houses, apartments or condos and villas can often be rented by the week. If we do the math, you will notice that the nightly rates may often be better than at a hotel, more so if you are traveling in group. Also look for home exchanges or home swaps, as it often save you big bucks, if that suit you.

If you have joined those “frequent guest” programs, you may also get preferential treatment in room rates as well as the choice to upgrade in your favorite chains. So take a look of your program before making your reservations.

Don’t be surprise that some high-end hotel chains rates are lower on weekends than on weekdays, these are the hotels that cater to business travelers that are often busy on weekdays. That is the reason why the rates are dramatically lower on weekends as they need to urgently fill up the rooms. Also not to forget that hotels may have special package deals or corporate rates available. In short, try to ask for packages and special rates if it is available.

Another way is to look for guaranteed hotel rates, this is useful especially for an overseas trips, as you need not traveling tips to places of interestworry to pay more if the price goes up due to currency exchange rate fluctuation. Frankly, I often feel the pinch when my home currency rate is weaken when traveling abroad!

If you like the stay at hostels concept, you may want to join Hostelling International. A membership with them allows you to stay in their affiliated hostels at member rates, this include discounts for bus and rail travel in some countries too. As far as I know, room rates are well under $100 a night.

Do you know that if you are newly married and you are on your honeymoon trip, you may get a modest upgrade if you mention this when making your reservations? Hotels are known to furnish honeymooners with free breakfast or champagne. However, you may need to convince the hotelier as they are becoming hip to the practice of fake honeymooning. This again testifies that married and honeymooning are something that is not up for debate, right?

Happy traveling!

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MoneySaverPro said...

I never really thought about the honeymoon trick, good point! Tips like that are brilliant, keep it up. I've got my own money saving site at check it out see what you think.

flowerhorn said...

Hey! I want to know your friend Rich Choo. I want to get 60% discount on my hotel charge!

Hui Ling said...

Did he contact you? Knew from him this is something proper and no cheat element involved!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the tips. Blogs like yours are perfect because everyone is always looking how to save money on their vacations.

Btw I found a new travel site, You can review destinations, upload pics and get info for your next trip. I think you will like it.


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