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About Access America's Traveler Frustration Index

The released of the latest Access America's Traveler Frustration Index which was conducted in August, shows statistics with frustration of airlines down but concern over overall prices up has caught my attention on their finding that women are significantly more frustrated with traveling than are men on the whole. An excerpt of the report reads as follows:

“Leisure travelers (55.2) are more frustrated than are business travelers (52.9). Women (57) are significantly more frustrated with traveling than are men (53.2) on the whole.
Other specific findings of note:

Women (61%) are considerably more likely than men (50%) to be frustrated with the cost of airline, cruise or train tickets. Similarly, women (26%) are more likely than men (17%) to be frustrated with difficulty booking their trip.”

The report basically did not touch on why women frustrated more than men, but I am of the opinion that it boils down to “Time, Money and Expectation” factors. Of course, for women traveling alone, security is of paramount importance besides a few gender specific issues. hotels destination linkI believe the inequality of pay between men and women and jobs that pay well which have a higher fraction of men while the jobs that pay lower wages have more women is an obvious fact as far as working world is concerned.

As to time, I think women especially those married ones are generally more time pressed than men due to the fact that they have more to handle for their family besides their work life if any.

Statistics from the Travel Industry Association has shown that women account for about 43% of business travelers and that they tend to be well-heeled consumers with higher expectations than men. It comes no surprised that why hotel are improving on aspect in security, i.e. have bell staff escort women guest to their rooms or assigning rooms near elevators, shortening their walk down isolated hallways. We may also notice that Hilton hotels now offer Crabtree & Evelyn products to cater more fully to women's preferences, while Marriott and Renaissance hotels now offer Bath & Body Works aromatherapy kind of products. Another extreme is that we may also find some hotels have a women only floor and have hotel rooms stocked with items of special appeal to only female guests.

I would say the above are some of the related factors at play on why women are more frustrated with traveling than are men. Let me know if there are any others.

PS: The word Travel is derived from the French: travail, which means "labor," "anguish," and "fatigue," who knows this may be a hidden factors too!

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