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Barcelona - La Sagrada Família and Antoni Gaudi

Do you want to visit some of the most impressive medieval buildings that was dated as far back as the Roman settlement of Barcelona? How about one church that has been worked for more than 100 years and remain unfinished today? more

Some thoughts on traveling tips to these places of interest:

The siesta – the shops in Spain will close at Midday for at least three hours. So plan your day around the break if not you might find yourself about to faint from hunger or restless without a shop to frequent! more

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flowerhorn said...

Thanks for the holiday tips. I will avoid visiting Barcelona in Wednesday!

My Bug Life said...

Spain's a wonderful country to visit! Thanks for the drop :)

stilettoed praline said...

Barcelona is nice, however, the Greek people are the nicest on earth, I reckon. I love paella, taps and the Cava, though, and we all came home from our Easter trip in Barcelona this year with a li'l weight and a tad cms on our waists. =)

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