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Car Rental Saving Traveling Tips, Promotions and Coupons to Interesting Places

Good news, here I have come across a promotions and coupons from a car rental company that could assist you in keeping your travel plans to interesting places within your budget, i.e. Dollar Rent A Car.

Do take note of their car rental travel partner program featuring convenient online airline and hotel reservations from major companies such as Southwest, Hawaiian, Delta, Aloha, Continental, Northwest and others when planning your next family vacation or business trip.

However, to save money on rental cars, the following may be worth to consider:

Know your car rental contract. Never assume that bringing the car back early can save you money. For example, in the case of a weeklong car rental contract, the weekly rate may revert to a much higher daily rate. Whether you want to keep the car for an extra day or two or should your travel plans change, it is always good to contact the car rental company for details to get a better rate to our places of interest.

Rent weekly. Do consider rent weekly if the weekly rate is cheaper than the daily rate.

Travel Package deals. Sometimes we may find that by adding a car rental onto our hotel or air vacation package is better than renting a car separately.

Wholesalers’ car rental prices. Since the wholesalers rent in bulk from those car rental companies who own the fleets, it is no surprised that they may frequently offer better rates, this is especially true during off-peak season and for traveling in Europe. For info, top European car rental wholesalers include Kemwel, Auto Europe, to name a few.

Research car rental rates on the web. Again, this applies even if you consider renting in less popular locations. To your surprised, my travel buddy Richer Choo share with me a secret that we rarely save money calling a car rental company’s toll free lines for rates rather than searching on the Web. Well, which sites allow for comparison shopping for car rental rates? Perhaps you want to take a look at Expedia or a bidding site like Priceline.

Join as a club member. Consider this money saving traveling option if you rent a car often, as it will definitely save you bucks. For a low one time fee, as a member, you will often get valuable car rental discounts, earn free rental days and upgrade.

Fees and surcharges. Do take into account this for returning car to a different location from where you pick it up. Also try to avoid renting at the airport, as airports often add surcharges.

Rental car sizes and prices. Sometimes logic may prove wrong as in here, as smaller cars can be more expensive, due to that it is more popular with renters, thanks to my travel buddy Richer Choo for sharing this tip.

Try to help yourself by helping the car rental companies too. It may be worth to fill up the car tank ourselves, say at a station away from the drop off point to get a better car rental offer rate from the car rental company. Do you know that car rental companies often need to move their fleet to specific locations to meet seasonal needs, since this deals are rarely advertised, you may want to inquire this kind of discounted one way car rental which often give you a rate lower than $15 a day and with unlimited mileage though.

Get all your travel discount. Again, try to find out whether the credit card you carry or the frequent flyer program or association or organization that you belong to has a special car rental program, if so, you will often do better with this rates than elsewhere.

Here are the details of the car rental promotions and coupons deals from our Dollar Rent A Car:

Enjoy a mid-size SUV or a standard-size SUV at Denver location for only $39.00/DY. Exp: 12/13/08

Save 10% on any vehicle when you purchase a car rental 24-hours in advance and use an American Express.Use Code AX10. Offer ends: 12/31/08

5% off any vehicle. Use Code: CJ05. Expires: 12-31-08 Some Restrictions apply.

Dollar -mid-size SUV $44.00/DY, $249.00/WK When you use your American Express Card at participating locations. Coupon AX44. Exp: 12/15/08

Dollar 10% Off plus free 12-Month Magazine Subscription for AMEX Members CODE: AXMG. Terms and Conditions apply. Exp:12/15/2008

Till we talk next time for traveling interesting places around the world!

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