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Eight Travel Tips - Travel Safe and Smart

I believe you have heard countless stories of holidays gone wrong due to pickpockets and lost of documents.

To ensure our holiday trip to places of interest is memorable, here are some safe and smart travel tips to protect our valuables:

  1. Split up our valuables and keep cash pinned on an inside pocket and credit cards inside another pocket or money belt.

  2. Carry as little cash as possible and never pull out a wad of cash from our purse or wallet to pay for anything.

  3. Leave our jewelry at home unless we can bear to lose it, else don't bring it.
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  4. Try to blend in as a local. Do you know that the less we look like a tourist, the less likely we will be a target?

  5. Make copies of important documents before we leave home. Leave one copy at home with someone we trust, and bring the other copy. Bring a couple of passport photos so we can easily replace stolen documents too. Also note down all the emergency contact
    numbers as we might need it, including the number for credit card replacement.

  6. Watch out for "tag team" distraction tactics where one member of a team spills something on us or asks for directions, while the other steals our wallet or bag.

  7. Beware of sob stories at train stations and airports. This is where scam artists hang out in locker areas asking for money, or wait to see which locker we use with the intention to break into it later.

  8. Stay in well-populated and well-lit areas. Try to ask the locals which areas they usually avoid and which areas will become dangerous after dark.
Hope the above helps and do enjoy your holiday to places of interest around the world!

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shelly said...

for extra passport photos, I can personally recommend - worked like a charm to me

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