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Smooth Vacation Specials and Travel Specials

Want to have a smooth vacation? Or want to look and feel at home on your next holiday?

Then it may worth the effort to take a look at the following two books:

Culture Smart! Guides on customs and etiquette – is a book with smart travel tips to help us defuse unwanted sticky situations. For example, did you know that we should never give or receive anything with our left hand in Indonesia? (Reason being it is perceived as well as onsidered by many as dirty over there!)

Frommer's New York City: Day By Day – this book features a tear-resistant foldout map as well as venues and pictures of the secret destinations that tour guides used to keep to themselves.

Well, if you are interested I think these two books are available either online or at your local bookstores.

How about travel in style? Such as stride through the arrival hall with chic luggage. Perhaps you may want to condider the following items too:

  • The new Sensu range from Samsonite – collapse easily for easy storage purpose.

  • The Work Glam range from Mandarina Duck – attractive and striking as it has floral designs for an ultra feminine touch.

  • Werks Traveller 2.0 series from Victorinox – can easily face the side of our body as we roll it, which makes it easier for us to navigate through some busy airports while traveling to interesting places around the world.

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