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Interesting Places and Hot Spot in Bangkok, Thailand

Many have said that Bangkok is magical, but where exactly those interesting places?

Known as the Venice of Asia, Bangkok is also famous for its many canals, floating markets and of course the notorious traffic jams. Not to forget that the giant reclining statue of Buddha at the Wat Pho temple (a must see and should be on everyone’s Bangkok places of interest travel itinerary) is another landmark.

To visit those must see, let us start with the stunning majestic Thai-European architecture, i.e. Royal Grand Palace. My favorite things is to hire a longtail boat just before sunset and work my way upriver toward the Grand Palace to see it lit up at night. We can actually stop at Wat Arun or the Royal Barges on our way up during daylight provided they are still open, and wander the little canals on our way up and back. Next, head to Vimanmek Mansion Museum to feast our eyes on artefacts made from porcelain, silver and perhaps gold, or some rare finds raised from Thailand's ocean-bed. Take a boat tour down the canals that make up the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

Wanted a taste of Bangkok's bustling night life? I will walk down hip Kaosan Road. Like shopping? Believe shopholics will love Siam Square with its designer wear and bargain buys!

No worries about food and board, as they are not that expensive. In fact, food there is cheap and easily accessible from food carts and eateries. For example, the chain there like Anna's Café serves yummy Thai fare for less than US$2 per dish. For lodgings, Wood Lands Inn on Chareon Krung Road offers clean rooms at US$26 per twin room basis.

Another interesting fact we may want to know when visiting those interesting places in Bangkok is that Thais do eat with a fork and a spoon and not just with chopsticks, i.e. Thais used chopsticks when eating Chinese dishes.

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zingtrial said...

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Jacob said...

The perfect way to see Bangkok is to go on a romantic boat ride…Travelers can immerse themselves in the Thai ambience and then go back to rest and rejuvenate at the great cheap hotels in Bangkok.

Emily said...

My in-laws visited Bangkok after booking with Bangkok accommodations and were they thrilled with everything they saw. They enjoyed the boating, palaces and the markets. Their only disappointment was they could not eat more often at the markets due to their age and health.

Anonymous said...

That's true! You can get clean Bangkok accommodations at great discounts.

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