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Want a deep sea adventure holiday?

Like the idea of swimming alongside a graceful manta ray or coming face-to-face with all kinds of undersea creatures?

Well, whether we are in the reefs of South China Sea or the far-flung Caribbean islands, there are hundreds of diving destinations just waiting for us to explore. So how do we choose? It's always best to start at home. For Malaysians, it is good to start at some of Malaysia's top dive sites like Redang, Perhentian, Tioman and Sipadan.

Whatever it is, get ourselves certified as a diver first, once through, the ocean is our oyster! In this case, we may need to look out for PADI (i.e. short for Professional Association of Diving Instructors) dive courses, which offer recognised diving certificates. It is good to know that recreational scuba diving is a sport that opens to any age, size and gender, i.e. just about anyone can become a diver.

With this, and wherever we go for our future diving holiday, we can rent scuba gear from any dive centre. Sound good to be adventurous and want to try it out, right? Once you start diving, I believe you'll discover the natural beauty of the underwater world, and a deeper appreciation for the environment.

On the same note, scuba diving is believed to be the "new yoga," as it gives similar results, i.e. that our body becomes relaxed whilst swimming in a gravity-free environment. Likewise, doing slow breathing exercises during diving is just like meditation, and observing beautiful sea life is stimulating, don’t you agree with me?

Think it is time for us to plan a diving excursion to places of interest now!

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