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Sleeping During Long Travels

I have recently read a health article on sleeping during long travels, and would like to highlight that sleeping a lot during long-distance travel be it to our places of interest or for business purposes, and whether by plane or by car, can increase the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

DVT is a blood clot that forms in the deep veins of our legs which can travel unnoticed through the blood stream and lodge in the brain, lungs, heart or other areas causing severe damage to our organs. Noticeable symptoms include pain and tenderness, swelling, redness and increased warmth in one leg.

To avoid sleeping too much during long travels, it cautions that travelers are advised to get up and walk around at least every two hours, and to avoid sleeping more than four hours at a time. For those who are unable to do so, they should extend both their legs and exercise while seated. They should also drink more water or juices, wear loose-fitting clothing, eat light meals and limit their alcohol consumption.

For health and wellness sake, the conclusion is to avoid sleeping too much during long travels.

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Tim in Mesa said...

Thanks for that advice.

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Frank, for your info, I am not from Zhuhai.

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