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Dublin – Friendliest City in Europe

Many who went there say that Dublin is a city rich in museums and galleries; I definitely agreed to this statement. And if you want to see the finest collective of Georgian architecture ever built, just walk down Henrietta Street to the nearby King's Inns building.

I am not too sure is this the reason that make Dublin a favorite tourist spot, and that people like to say that Dublin is a place that pulses with energy and life by day and night. One thing I am sure is that if we were to visit the area around the river and the famous O'Connell Bridge, it summarizes one unarguable truth about modern Dublin, i.e. with more than half the population under 25, and fun-lovers jetting in from all over Europe. Notable areas in this context are Temple Bar with its winding, cobbled thoroughfares, and the streets around St Stephen's Green.

The famous Ha' Penny bridge in Dublin, Ireland, over the river Liffey

What are those interesting places that we should not miss?
  • Packed Grafton Street with its buskers, artists and tourists, that symbolizing the vibrant character of Dublin, a 'young' city.
  • Guinness Storehouse in St James's Gate, to worship at the temple of the black stuff, although many said this is an expensive visit.
  • The Chester Beatty Library at Dublin Castle, with an astonishing collection of manuscripts and ancient art. In fact Dublin Castle is a must see by itself.
  • Trinity College's 16th century precinct, with the Old Library containing Ireland's most famous book, the illuminated 8th century manuscript known as the Book of Kells.
  • Dublin's Main Post Office on O'Connell Street, where Patrick Pearse proclaimed Irish independence on Easter Day in 1916 and the bullet holes that sum up the British response.
  • The Dublin Writers' Museum in Parnell Square, dedicated to the Dublin's incomparable literary history.
When should we visit all those places of interest? Any time, as the city never sleeps and is popular for weekend breaks, and St Patrick's Day (17 March) is very special though!

Before I forget, Dublin was voted 'friendliest city in Europe' in 2007!

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1 comment:

Rome Paul said...

I have had many great nights in Dublin havign lived for for 2 years and indeed the peopel are great.
The Temple Bar area is particularly good for a night out.

Rome Paul

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