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Airport Shutdown in Phuket

What an experience, is it something good or no good? From what I see the recent airport shutdown in Phuket had caused not only disruption in flights but an unforgettable experience to some travelers though.

The incident happened after the country anti-government protesters went onto runway to disrupt flights.

According to those Malaysian travelers who had stranded but finally get to fly back, the experience was scary. They claimed that although it was a relief for them to be back home, they were still shaken by the experience.

Luggage ProsA holidaymaker who went to Phuket with his wife for their wedding anniversary, and who wanted to be identified as Arthur, said that they did not go out of their hotel because there was no transportation as bus service had stopped. At the same time, they were worried when told that their flight back had been cancelled due to the riots.

Another 20 year-old student said watching the scenes of the rioting over the television there was a really scary experience. A maritime officer said there were about 100 protesters waiting at the airport when he arrived there that evening with a lot of policemen maintaining order then.

The disruption had also caused some travelers stranded to stay for another night in the resort town.

The concerned carrier could not state the number of travelers who had been affected by flight cancellations. The daily flight which was supposed to depart could not take off as it did not receive clearance to do so. The riot had also forced another airport in Hat Yat to be closed.

Can we say this is something unforgettable and scary and with lost of money?

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