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Timing Interesting Places Traveling Trips to Get More

Do you believe that planning plays its role to ensure a better traveling trip and to help you spend less for your places of interest?

Well, based on experience, travel in autumn, fares and accommodations are generally cheaper and with the advantage of no or less crowds.

One of the elements that is often overlooked by people is the “weather”. If you plan to travel to places of interest in Southeast Asia, then you probably want to know that the Monsoon season is from December through early March while for Caribbean the Hurricane season is around June through November with greater risk of storm from August through October. One of the web sites that I find useful for weather information is The World Weather Information Service that has weather updates as well as it tracks severe weather events for more than 1,000 cities.

Another element that you might want to factor in is to consider the travel patterns. For example, it is good to avoid on Italian beach in August, reason being that you will hardly find a scrap of sand on which to lay your towel, and you will pay more for your resorts too! For your info, Italian beach vacation is best to be taken in June and September.

Another thing to know is to pick the best flight time and airports to avoid get caught in the congestion and disrupted travel schedules. For this purpose, National Association of Air Traffic Controllers will be a handy tool to use, as it not only allows you to research the most delayed departure airports, the worst times to fly, and the most delayed flights, you can also report complaints too.

What you should do is try to avoid the busiest travel days. Many are not aware that Christmas Eve is actually a great time to travel, as most people are already holed up with their loved ones.
Money saving traveling tips to places of interest:

  • Traveling at the end of your destination’s peak season might help you save hundreds of dollars, i.e. travel in the shoulder season. Your accommodation room rate chart will give you a good idea of when is the peak and off peak season. One thing I love about traveling off peak is that it let me avoid crowds and high prices with only a few trade-offs, if any.
  • If you are OK with the drop and run lifestyle, then you will find those last minute e-saver deals rewarding. If so, Site 59 / Lastminute might appeal to you! Site 59 / Lastminute is perfect for last-minute getaways, especially if you are looking for something on the weekend. You can book deals as late as three hours before your departure time!

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