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Virginia Safari Park – Interesting Place for a Memorable Hands-on Animal Encounter

Planning to have a trip with your kids but not sure where to go? Perhaps, ask yourself would you like to enjoy animals in a natural environment that allow you to feed, touch and observe camels, herds of zebras, elk, llamas, lions, bison, ostrich, buffalo, deer and antelope, giraffe and other wild but tame animals roaming free on a 180-acre preserve?

If so, then a safari park may be just right for you! Frankly, a safari park is very similar to a zoo with the exception that it is without cages. Instead of the tourists walking around and looking at the animals, they have the choice to drive their own vehicles or being taken by the wagon around the park observing the animals. You may be surprised to know that it is sometimes closer than you would expect as the animals have a tendency to come up to the vehicle to inspect the tourists who are watching them!

If this sounds appealing to you, then Virginia Safari Park in Natural Bridge, which is Virginia's only drive-thru zoo, may be the places of interest for your family! It is a 180 acre drive-thru zoo that features over 500 free roaming animals from all over the world. It allows visitors to drive over a three mile road and allowing them to feed the animals from the windows of their car. You will not be surprised to find animals everywhere around your vehicle, and who knows and is likely the zebras and buffalo will stuck their heads in your car window and you just could not escape their feeding frenzies! No worries though, this adventure is totally safe and will not require you to spend much, in fact those who went there describe it as such an unforgettable journey, it is just like being on a real African safari. No wonder, children once went there will ask their parents to take them for a second time!

Many who went there claimed that the facility there is clean and well maintained and is just like the Discovery Channel in a 4-D environment. The animals are all serene and healthy with no predators allowed. In addition, there are a number of unique interactions set up for visitors to experience with the animals. For example, there has a giraffe feeding station for you to climb up to feed the giraffes, a bird free flight aviary where you could walk through the aviary and see birds from many continents all flying freely. What a wonderful live experience and you would agree with me that it is definitely worth the money you pay to enter the park! No wonder, people are saying they never laugh so hard before experience this in their life!

Besides, the park also has a walkabout petting zoo, picnic area, and gift shop. Another feature is domestic animals can be petted at the petting zoo, which children like very much!

In fact, the unique experience such as having a huge bull elk or bison only inches away to feed from your bucket, has made Virginia Safari Park appeals to all ages and make it become one of the region's top attractions.

Money saving traveling tip: Go there early when they first open and you'll have more animals come to your car but be prepared to spend a few bucks on extra food, though! No outside feed and pets are allowed.

Don’t forget to bring your camera for photos to be laughed and shared with later!

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