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Keep Our Laptop Travel-safe

Need to prevent thief making off with your laptop while on the go or worries about forgetting your computer at a restaurant or taxi? I believe you have heard countless stories about this, right?

The following travel-safe strategies might help to certain extent:

Use a nondescript bag
Corey Sandler, author of Laptop For Dummies suggests removing any computer logos from our bag as it only advertises its expensive contents.

Know our numbers
It is advisable to write down our laptop's serial and model numbers (can usually be found at the bottom of our laptop). They'll come in handy if we need to report a loss.

Keep our password separate
Do you have an inclination to write down your passwords on a piece of paper and leave it in your laptop bag? Please “Never” as it will only make it easier for the thief to access our information.

Don’t lose sight of our laptop
For example, when at the airport, try to place our laptop together with our coat and shoes through the airport X-ray machine. Remember to pass through the metal detector at the same time as our computer passes the scanning machine. Who knows someone unwanted can keep track of the items behind us.

Encrypt the data
I believe with Windows XP and Windows Vista, it is easier for us to encrypt important files and folders. That is to say that even if someone gains access to our files, encryption gives us another layer of protection.

Display our contact information
Always make sure our bag has tags bearing our name and phone number but for safety reason we should never include our home and office addresses or even the name of our company.

Avoid leaving our laptop in the hotel room
It is good to know that the hotel room may not be completely secure. In this case, by putting the "do not disturb" sign on the door might help.

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